Case study

New booking system and website for SnowShow - leading winter tours provider

Over 3 years of partnership, 70% conversion rate increase, page loading speed up by even 95%, countless new business processes automated. These are the effect of vary close cooperation, great communication and mutual understanding.


  • SnowShow

Project type

  • E-commerce
  • CRM
  • CMS


  • Ruby on Rails
  • React


SnowShow is a unique travel agency that combines people, music and winter sports. Their main target is young people who just expect more. SnowShow is famous for organizing concerts and other events directly on the slope. Their most famous trip - Music Fest gathers over 3000 fans of a good music and a snow each year.

puzzle-icon Challenges

During our partnership, we faced many technical and business challenges. From reducing a technological debt, through process optimization, to development of the whole new apps. Each case was different and demanded a different set of skills and a various number of people. In the peak moment, there were 5 devs assigned to the project. We adjusted it frequently to the real needs of SnowShow.

Reduction of the technical debt

When we took over the app, it was already written in the unsupported version of Ruby on Rails framework and weakly maintained search engine. We proposed and then implemented a general update of all technologies. We divided work into three stages - one a version of RoR at a time to keep application stability at the highest level. While upgrading the framework, we also changed the search engine to Elasticsearch - allowing much more complex queries and a custom data model. The whole operation took about 2 weeks to accomplish successfully with the elimination of all regressions. As a result, we’ve got application working up to 20 times faster depending on the process.

New content management system

Creating CMS and integrating it with a current CRM was one of the most demanding tasks. All the numbers displayed on the web page are computed live from the system. And the other way, a lot of information from CMS is passed to the system. One of the most advanced features of a new front page is smart recommendation a system that adjusts offer for each potential customer individually. We created also very extensible content engine with flexible and parameterized content parts.

User experience

The main aim of the new SnowShow page was to present the offer and convince a visitor that to buy a ticket to the event he liked the most. Our UX/UI designers adjusted the design to fulfill all the intended assumptions and guide user from initial impression to the purchase without any disturbance. Our action led to 70% sales increase in the following season and much better performance of the whole website. The goal was achieved with careful elements placement, microinteractions and multiple A/B tests. We didn’t end our work there. A number of tools that tracks user's behaviour has been installed. We regularly improve details according to the relevant measurements.

Recommendation engine

We built an intelligent self-learning recommendation engine. Each user is assessed regarding the number of different criteria including his preferences and behavior. The algorithm calculates the likelihood of a trip to be chosen by a user and shows him the most relevant ones. This algorithm greatly increased user experience and finally conversion to the real clients. What’s more it learns so it’ll give better, more personal matches with every new data.

Customer Relationship Management system 2.0

Together with the upgrade, we introduced a large number of improvements to the CRM. In general, we can divide it into two categories: business and technology. All business tasks served to optimization and automatization of various processes. Together with SnowShow, we worked out the most efficient way to achieve the biggest increase in efficiency with the little effort. On the other hand, technical tasks made the usage of the system much easier. The overall page performance increased significantly - calculation time in the most computationally demanding process was shrunk by 95%. The old vanilla JS widgets were substituted by the new ones written in React.js for easier maintenance, efficiency, and testing. The whole application received multiple security patches and automatic tests to keep the highest stability standards.


Same engine, new brand

SnowShow owners decided to start a new brand selling kite and wake trips to the best European summer places. Our role was to proceed with this idea and start a new brand before next summer season starts. Our only limitation was a logo designed years earlier and used for previous summer trips. The project was big - whole new, dedicated CMS, extensions for CRM and multitude of integrations. We started with a planning in the big picture and setting milestones. The work was parallelized - a summer design had been created along with a new CMS. Thanks to that we saved a substantial amount of time and delivered a production-ready product on time and within budget.

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