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You will work with the best people, carefully selected during our recruitment process. We provide training, a creative environment and a proven development framework to meet the highest standards of software development.

Robert photo
Robert CEO
Miłosz photo
Miłosz CTO
Michał photo
Michał COO
Adam photo
Adam Head of Design
Dawid photo
Dawid Software Developer
Elliot photo
Elliot Head of Sales
Hubert photo
Hubert Software Developer
Jacek photo
Jacek DevOps Engineer
Jakub photo
Jakub Software Developer
Jakub photo
Jakub Software Developer
Jakub photo
Jakub Software Developer
Jarek photo
Jarek Project Manager
Justyn photo
Justyn Software Developer
Julian photo
Julian Software Developer
Katarzyna photo
Katarzyna Project Manager
Konrad photo
Konrad Software Developer
Łukasz photo
Łukasz Software Developer
Maciej photo
Maciej UI/UX Designer
Maciej photo
Maciej Head of Growth
Magdalena photo
Magdalena Software Developer
Marcin photo
Marcin Software Developer
Marek photo
Marek Software Developer
Michał photo
Michał Software Developer
Michał photo
Michał Marketing Manager
Olaf photo
Olaf Business Developer
Sebastian photo
Sebastian Software Developer
Sylwia photo
Sylwia Software Developer
Timofei photo
Timofei Software Developer
Vitalii photo
Vitalii Software Developer
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Why working with an agile team is such a breeze

We're a truly agile agency. We use the agile approach widely in our organization - from project management and business development to recruitment. Our people are not merely familiar with agile - they understand it and use it in everyday work. This enables our clients to adjust scope of their project during the development process, have a faster feedback loop and to have better control over costs. We will be happy to assist with implementation of agile in your own organization, if your new to it.

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