Web Development

Let’s create the next big thing! With our tech expertise and your idea we are the perfect match to create great and unique experience for the final users.


The application is just a medium. The real objective of our work is to scale your business. We’ve got this very deep in our culture. First thing we do is understanding the business model or general purpose of your product. Our experience in solving sophisticated business challenges for our clients (like fraud detection or “free rider problem”) made us sensitive in detection of logical issues. Our devs are selected among candidates to be capable of understanding all nuances of your business. You’ll also be able to scale your team as your needs grow. Together we can do more and see further.


We use probably the most agile stack available. Combination of Ruby on Rails or Express in the backend and React in the front-end let us work fast, build scalable applications and deliver enormous amount of business value per hour. Our devs make use of all the power of both technologies. We are open-source enthusiasts therefore we implement opinionated and proven community solutions to the most popular problems. It additionally saves tons of time, especially when the communities for our technologies are strong and active worldwide.


There are several things that we can do for you regarding web apps:

subdirectory_arrow_right Create an MVP for you.
Building projects from scratch “The Ideamotive Way” is where we shine. From concept to the release and beyond we make use of our tech and business expertise to bring maximum possible value. Our flexible Agile process let you create exactly the product you expect.
subdirectory_arrow_right Maintain existing product.
We are fast learners - quickly adapting to existing project and also adapting the project to our standards of code. We usually starting from reducing the technology debt by the platform upgrades. In justified cases we agree to deliver the business value first (however we know it doesn’t scale, and kindly advise against it).
subdirectory_arrow_right Perform an audit or consulting.
When you or your existing team has doubts about the technical side of the project (eg. a code quality, performance, security) or business side (eg. the agile development process, logical leaks) - we are keen to help you. Describe the problem, and we’ll work out the solution.

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