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We genuinely care about user experience. We also know that a great-looking app is a foundation of success. Let’s design something awesome together.

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Fall in love with our designs from the first sight

Mobile and web design is a marriage of art and science. Your product will be judged by how it looks - that's a fact! You only have a second to convince users to stay. At Ideamotive, we provide not only exceptional designs, but also tools for measuring and improving their performance.

75% judgement of website credibility is based on overall aesthetics
1.97 bn euro yearly - that’s the cost of too long loading time of websites
94% of first impressions are design-related

User Experience

Human behavior in web and mobile applications is a complex topic. The trends and habits are ever-changing. The knowledge of user behaviors from the past might be useless in the future. At Ideamotive we keep up with trends - but we also anticipate them. Our designers draw inspiration not only from existing apps - to stay on top of UX trends, they have to go beyond that. They turn to modern art, architecture, and even traditional fashion, to broaden their horizons. We believe that harmony resides in the details. We put great amount of effort into designing micro-interactions and white space management. Our engineers take care of keeping the page load at the lowest possible level. Our PMs track the information flow. That’s all with one purpose in mind - to help you scale your business.

When designing interfaces, we use a set of tools
that fits perfectly in our process.

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Complete Web & Mobile UI/UX design

We deliver the whole experience while producing a design. From user flows and low fidelity mock-ups, through clickable prototypes to the final product. In the process, we implement the findings of user experience research the newest design trends.

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Design Sprint

You've got an idea for a product you would like to deliver to the market. By performing a design sprint together, we can define a business model, target audience, create initial designs and clickable prototypes. All of this in one week.

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UI/UX Audit

Why not make your web or mobile app even more profitable? Small changes in UI could result in a tremendous increase in conversion. We know how to introduce beneficial changes and the science behind it. We can help you do it better.

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The communication with Ideamotive is very good. They listen a lot, and they provide their own feedback. They also have a lot of insight and offered some improvements to what we originally proposed. They are always open to offer advice on doing something better or more efficiently. Since I've been working with them, I know that we are implementing the best solutions. They are not only doing what we ask them to do, but they also propose improvements and functionalities that are better suited to us.

Peter Grabo SnowShow, Product Manager

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