UX & UI Design

We deeply care about user experience. We also know that a great looking app is a foundation of a success. Let’s design something awesome together.

User Experience

Human behaviours in web and mobile applications is a complex topic. The trends and habits are changing. The knowledge of user behaviours from the past can be useless in the future. At Ideamotive we’re keep up with trends, but also anticipate them. Our designers draw inspiration not only from existing apps - to be on the edge have to go beyond that - to the modern art, architecture or event traditional fashion.

We believe that the harmony resides in the details. We put a great effort in microinteractions and white space management. Our engineers take care about keeping the page load at the lowest possible level. Our PMs tracks the information flow. That’s all with a one purpose in mind - to scale your business.

Our approach

When designing interfaces, we use a set of tools that perfectly fits in the our process.

subdirectory_arrow_right Low fidelity mock-ups
At the beginning of project, we usually create low fidelity mock-ups to indicate that we share the same understanding of your vision.
subdirectory_arrow_right Prototype
Those mock-ups are made with Sketch - the modern vector design tool for web and mobile. Than we are planning and discussing interactions. The effects are moved to InVision. This program helps to create a clickable prototype without writing a line of code. It saves time and money.
subdirectory_arrow_right Final design
Then, when we agree that the prototype works as you expect, designer moves back to the Sketch and creates Hi Fidelity, final designs. After your acceptation, the graphics are passed to the front-end developer to transform it into HTML and CSS.

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