React Development

Let’s create outstanding and interactive frontend with React! With our tech expertise and your idea we are the perfect match to create great and unique experience for the final users.

React is a revolution in front-end development. The way it solves the challenges of scaling changed the industry. Once it gained enormous traction in open source community, all the relevant industry tech leaders started to rewrite their front-end to React.

Why React is so special? First, it’s designed for scaling. Component architecture let developers write code once and use in all their applications. There is a huge community-driven component library on the internet. React developers loves the approach reusability. From the business perspective it saves huge amount of time, and let us concentrate only on a domain specific challenges.

Key strengths of React

Here are the reasons why the React conquered the tech world:

  • Easy to scale from small to larges apps
  • Modular architecture - big library of ready to use UI components
  • Adopted by leaders - Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, BBC, and more
  • Great developer’s community
  • More interactive and responsive than competition

What we do

At Ideamotive, we provide a wide range of React development services. To include:

  • Creating front-end for MVP apps
  • Rewriting to React from other frameworks (e.g. Angular, Backbone, Ember etc.)
  • Extending your team of devs
  • Consulting and audit

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