Mobile Development

Work with us, receive great cooperation experience and deliver outstanding experience to the final users of your mobile application.


Delivering a great experience through development is what makes us different. Our process is designed to work in agile environment with a short development cycles and constant communication.

Our business expertise in building complex products combining web and mobile is crucial in understanding your needs and identifying potential opportunities and challenges. Our main goal in working with you is to scale your business.


We build our mobile apps mainly with React Native. With native experience you get also about 60% of shared code for Android and iOS. It shorten the time of development and allows concurrent delivery for both platforms. A huge advantage when you want to scale fast and get things done quickly.

React Native has a great community around the world and is backed by big companies. Facebook is actively using it for building their main mobile app and Instagram. Our React Native developers are experts in delivering quality products and awesome experience to the end users.


Our primary aim is to create great applications from scratch within our process and standards. This is where we really shine. Delivering Ideamotive experience just from the concept to release is rewarding for both parties. You get great app, and we get a success story.

In justified cases we could dive into someone else's work and help developing existing products. We must be sure than, that code code meets our quality expectations. Don’t hesitate to ask us about audit or consultancy.

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