Hi Warsaw

Let’s partner in building an outstanding web & mobile applications!

Our headquarters are located in Warsaw. If you’re around, let’s meet in person in our office and talk about your next web or mobile development project. We did a lot of software in the past and we’re keen to share an advice.

Did you know?

Warsaw is the best place to start a new internet or mobile business. Great environment, great culture of work, and above that - the best programmers in the world. At Ideamotive we gathered the most skilled individuals in the market. Let’s talk about building your team within our organization and process. We’d love to share our expertise in software development. In a day-to-day work we put emphasis on the quality - pair programming, static code analysis, automatic testing and more.

Our web applications are built with Ruby on Rails and React - a killer combination for building an MVP fast and within an agile process. Mobile apps are built with React Native - a technology that let share the same code for Android and iOS.

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